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    In the U.S., slang for the police (colletively) is "the cops," and for a police officer, "a cop." In the past, they were called "the fuzz" or even "the pigs," though those terms have gone out of style. In the WordReference dictionary and past forums, I don't see a discussion of Italian slang terms for the police, or a police officer.

    I'm writing a crime novel set in Rome, set in the current day, and the teppisti would sound more authentic if they used the right slang word, instead of polizia, poliziotto, and poliziotta (a woman officer). Any help you can give would be appreciated.
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    They look helpful, but they are in Italian only.
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    Another term is "celerino/i" derived from "Celere" that means "Veloce" (quick) and is used as synonim of police.

    If you want to reproduce the roman slang I think the best word is "sbirro", but, just for your knowledge, the "roman" pronuntiation is like "sbiro" with just one "r".

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    I agree with stmod: thinking of Rome, I'd also use 'sbirro'
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    The police, the entire department is called: "la Madama" at least in Turin and around here.

    Carabinieri, a kind of state police, are called: "Caramba".

    In slang the policemen are called "Puffi" because of the colour of their dress (Puffi =Smurfs)

    Celerino is a kind of policeman, is not the tipical officer that you can see in town usually......slightly like the 911 officer (normal cop) in the US and the S.W.A.T.
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