Slang meaning of Gata in romance.

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    I've noticed that in Spanish & Portuguese has the slang meaning of "beautiful woman," personally I don't use it this way be cause it sounds rather sexist and it makes it confusing when you are actually talking about a cat. But where does this come from and is this usage found in other romance languages as well?
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    In French, Chatte also means pussy... I guess the Romans just liked calling girls cats...
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    Hi Killerbee256! Gata as beautiful woman! Spanish and portuguese had contact with Tagalog people in 16th century, maybe they adopted the word "Ganda"(beautiful in Tagalog) in their language.
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    That could be, the portuguese would have been exposed a closely related language, Tetum, in east timor. another thing I remembered a few days ago; in English calling to an attractive woman on the street "hey pretty lady!", is known as "cat calling." Stereotypically a construction worker would do this.
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