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In this yahoo answer:
What is the significance of the slanted bar on the old Slavic cross?
It looked like a normal cross, except near the bottom there was a slanted bar, why was this here?

The Russian Orthodox cross consists of three bars, the lowest bar low and slanted. The top bar represents the "INRI" sign placed over Jesus' head. The meaning of the slanted bar is not known for sure, but probably represents St. Andrew's cross (which looks like an X).

Can I use "sloping bar" instead of "slanted bar" here? (I know "slopping" means the angle that is relative to ground)

Thank you.
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    Can I use "sloping bar" instead of "slanted bar" here?
    I wouldn't. They're sometimes interchangeable, but I'm inclined to use "slope" for tangible physical things, as in, "The ground sloped gently down to the stream."
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