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In english we say something slaps when we mean something is excellent; we really like it. For example
Chick-fil-a slaps = I think Chick-fil-a is really good
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    Artifacs' suggestion is good for Spain. It would be understood in Latin America, but probably not used.

    "Slap" is just a modern version of "rock" and other slang terms to say that something is cool or sweet or tight. These words change each generation. For that reason, I would use one of the suggestions in the WR dictionary entry for rock.

    rock vi(CR, AR)estar buenísimo loc verb
    slang (be exciting)(CR, coloquial)estar de lo más toque loc verb
    (ES)molar vi
    (MX, coloquial)estar chido loc verb
    This roller coaster rocks!
    ¡Esta montaña rusa está buenísima!

    So in your example, I would say Chick-fil-a está chido since I speak Mexican Spanish. But I think Chick-fil-a está buenísimo would be understood and possibly used anywhere in Latin America.
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