slapdash incoherence

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Moon Palace

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Hello again,
Here is another one that leaves me puzzled.
'her slapdash incoherence is in contrast with the verbal powers of the narrator.'
The trouble is that as I see it 'slapdash' and 'incoherence' convey the same idea, so that it seems to be a tautology. The best I can provide for now is:
'le chaos de son incohérence / son propos incohérent et confus contraste avec l'éloquence / la maîtrise linguistique du narrateur.'

Any improvement would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  • Suehil

    British English
    'Slapdash' means 'carelessly done', which here describes the way she is incoherent. She is incoherent because she does not make any effort to make sense. (As opposed to being incoherent from anger, ignorance, fear, etc.)
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