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Hello, everyone,

Of a daily slate of 18 bouts, only three were fought seriously.

What does this 'slate' mean?

I looked the word up in the dictionary, but I couldn't find a proper explanation that would fit the sentence.

Does this word 'slate' has other meanings that are not listed in the dictionary?

Many thanks in advance. :)
  • The 'slate' used here would refer to an old way of displaying a public notice, the content of which was liable to change.
    A large piece of slate would be displayed outside a shop/sporting venue and the list of items would be written on it in chalk - easily wiped off if necessary.

    The term slate then became used to mean any list of coming events. it is mostly seen nowadays in reference to semi-confirmed forthcoming events - The Rolling Stones are slated to play at XYZ stadium in July.
    In this sense it means on the bill, the line up, or scheduled to perform. To put something on the slate means to have it on 'tick' or 'on account' until next time when you go in and pay. To be slated is to get a bad review.
    So many thanks for your explanations! Now I get the picture.

    Thank you all. Many thanks indeed!:)