Slavic languages - resources and tips for learners - UPDATED AND EXPANDED

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Czech now in the Czech forum
Polish I now in the Polish forum
Polish II now in the Polish forum
Russian I now in the Russian forum
Russian II - specialized dictionaries and glossaries (economics, business, law, politics) now in the Russian forum
Russian III - specialized dictionaries and glossaries (other fields) now in the Russian forum

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Need to type in Cyrillic? Or just any Slavic language?

For Cyrillic, here's an excellent webpage (some functions work in IE only). Choose Транслит in the dropdown menu and you can type without memorizing the Russian layout.
An alternative webpage (Lexilogos), and you can use any browser: You can either click on letters or type on QWERTY without having to know the Russian layout. Polish, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian are also available (not necessarily with all functions).

SC UniPad - an excellent downloadable software that lets you type in any language (without having to install aditional layouts), and you can also create your own keyboards

Slavic links: - Wikipedia entry on Slavic languages - general information about Slavic languages - making sense of the Sla- & Slo- words - about Slavs, their language and history (Polish only) - history of the Church (Old-Slavonic) language - a nice comparison of Cyrillic alphabets - EU therminological database
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  • Dictionaries: - monolingual, very comprehensive - English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian - English-Ukrainian (both directions) - French-Ukrainian (one direction only) - Ukrainian-English (one direction only) - English-Ukrainian (one direction only)

    Pronunciation: - audio files with vocabulary for tourists - the alphabet with audio files - audio files with vocabulary for tourists - pronunciation of many Ukrainian words recorded by Ukrainian speakers

    Vocabulary: - the most important conversational vocabulary

    Online courses: – a course of Ukrainian language - a page with a link to a Ukrainian student's book by Terlak and Serbenska - basics

    Miscellaneous: - a large collection of links for those who study Ukrainian - a library of Ukrainian literature - a library of Ukrainian literature - theory of translation - a large collection of links related to Ukraine and its language
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    Dictionaries: - English-Serbian (both directions) - Serbian-English (about 270,000 entries) - English-Serbian (both directions) - monolingual dictionary - a Swedish dictionary, both directions - Serbian-Spanish (both directions) - English-Serbian (both directions, 300,000 words)

    Grammar: - grammar and ortography (in Serbian) - comprehensive reference excellent - grammar tables - thorough explanations in Serbian excellent - frequent doubts regarding ortography and grammar in Serbian excellent

    Orthography: - thorough explanations in Serbian excellent

    Vocabulary: - flashcards (various topics) - essential holiday phrases with audio - basic phrases and grammar

    Online courses: - a free tutorial - manual and exercise book for learners (in Serbian)

    Culture and literature: - library of the Serbian culture in Serbian (the English page is under construction) - history and literature
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    Dictionaries: - Belarusian <--> English - Belarusian <--> Russian - Belarusian <--> Polish a small German -> Belarusian dictionary as PDF - a Russian -> Belarusian dictionary of proverbs

    Pronunciation: - audio files - pronunciation of many Belarusian words recorded by Belarusian speakers

    Vocabulary: - greetings and calendar in "łacinka". - essential phrases

    Grammar: - an open source grammar guide - introduction

    Courses/Textbooks: - a downloadable textbook - a downloadable textbook and more - a comprehensive course in Russian - downloadable courses in English

    Language: - fundamentals of modern Belarusian - history and current state of the Belarusian language

    Culture: - virtual guide to Belarus - miscellaneous - a vast collection of books and texts in Belarusian

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    Dictionaries: - online English dictionary (both directions) - online translator - - English/German/French/Spanish/Italian/Greek/Turkish/Bulgarian <--> Turkish/Bulgarian

    Writing: - transliteration into English - alphabet and pronunciation

    Pronunciation: - pronunciation

    Vocabulary: - common phrases - flashcards (various topics)

    Miscellaneous: - Old Bulgar language (Asparukh and Kuber Bulgars)
    Dictionaries: - English dictionary (more than 160,000 entries and alphabetical browsing in both languages) also a Croatian-Dutch dictionary in both directions - English dictionary (more than 210,000 entries) - English dictionary (over 200,000 entries), with advanced search and example sentences - English dictionary, both directions - English, both directions - English, both directions - a Swedish dictionary, both directions - Swedish designed primarily for the needs of immigrants (with audio files) - Croatian-English-German-French dictionary of legal terms connected with the EU

    Specialized dictionaries: - English-Croatian dictionary of information technology terms - genealogical dictionary English-Cro

    Grammar: conjugation of verbs - comprehensive reference - selected grammar topics - grammar tables

    Pronunciation: - a pronunciation guide - Croatian for travellers (audio files) - a Swedish dictionary with audio files

    Language: - etymology of the word Hrvatska - tongue twisters

    Vocabulary: - survival phrases - useful phrases, in English and Spanish - useful phrases in French - a very brief collection of conversation phrases - useful words and phrases - flashcards (various topics) - essential holiday phrases with audio - the most important vocabulary and phrases with audio

    Living in Croatia: - useful information about everyday life, with vocabulary, audio and video files

    Literature: - a collection of Croatian poetry - a rich collection of Croatian literature online (not under copyright) - a searchable corpus for all kinds of Croatistic, lexicographic and lexicological research

    Miscellaneous: - portal about Burgenland Croatian (Croatian standard language of the minority in Austria - gradiščanskohrvatski jezik)
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    Dictionaries: - EN, DE, FR, SP dictionary (both directions) - English dictionary (both directions, 20,000 words) - English dictionary (both directions) - English dictionary (both directions) - English dictionary (both directions) - English dictionary (both directions) - a monolingual dictionary

    Grammar: - grammar overview - an exhaustive overview of declension patterns (in English) - playing with words, grammar exercises (in Slovak only) - excellent, in Slovak only - the most important verbs with conjugations

    Vocabulary: - common mistakes in spelling and choice of words - common mistakes (and you can quiz yourself!) - flashcards (various topics) - introduction for tourists with basic phrases and audio files - the most important phrases for tourists - wordlists - numbers, greetings, basic phrases and more - essential holiday phrases with audio

    Online courses: - for beginners

    Writing: - Slovak keyboard

    Pronunciation: - spelling and audio files - alphabet and audio files - alphabet and audio files

    Culture: - literature - Slovak literature (links to texts)
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    Dictionaries: - bilingual Swedish-Bosnian dictionary designed primarily for the needs of immigrants; includes Swedish monolingual dictionary with sound pronunciations in MP3 audio format - English, German, French, Turkish, Latin, Hungarian, Slovenian - dictionary of contemporary slang with examples

    Grammar: - grammar, culture, history of the language - grammar and useful phrases - comprehensive reference

    Vocabulary: - flashcards (various topics)

    Pronunciation: - without audio files, but transliteration facilitates pronunciation

    Culture, language: - people, culture, language - more detailed information about the language
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    Dictionaries and corpora: - German dictionary (both directions) - common expressions - dictionary of standard Slovenian (monolingual) - corpus of the Slovenian language (free but registration needed)

    Specialized dictionaries and glossaries: - a searchable database of EU legislation translated in English - dictionary of computer science (Slovenian-English only) - English-Slovenian (and vice versa) dictionary of computer science - reverse dictionary (how to use it)

    Vocabulary: - main conversational phrases - flashcards - essential holiday phrases with audio

    Grammar: - a brief description - declensions of Slovenian nouns and adjectives, conjugations of verbs - a brief introduction

    Online courses: - interactive with audio and tests (free registration required)

    Pronunciation: - alphabet and pronunciation with exercises and audio files

    Translation: - a demo version of a translator (German > Slovenian and English <> Slovenian)
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    Dictionaries: - English, German, French, Italian, Albanian, Greek (both directions) downloadable Macedonian --> English dictionary (freeware, Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP) - Greek-Macedonian (one direction only) - German-Macedonian (both directions)

    Writing: - alphabet - fonts

    Online courses: - for beginners - for beginners, with audio - for beginners

    Pronunciation: - reading and pronouncing, an interactive tutorial

    Language, culture history: - Wiki - facts about the language - a rich collection of links - an online review of Macedonian affairs, history and culture - history - current cultural life - cultural wealth - internet resources
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    Upper Sorbian

    Dictionaries: - Sorbian-German, German-Sorbian, Sorbian orthography; přełož(übersetze) = translate, prawopis(Rechtshreibung) = orthography, Link k Serbsko-němskemu słownikej = link to Sorbian-German dictionary

    Grammar: - grammar overview - grammar for beginners

    Lower Sorbian

    Dictionaries: - German-Sorbian

    *** - podcasts for many languages
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