Slavic resources: please contribute :)

  • Jana337

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    I guess it is high time to release the treasures I have been hoarding for a couple of days. ;)

    Specialized dictionaries: - English-Russian (both directions; oil&gas, electrical, financial, see drilling)

    Glossaries: - Biblical terminology (monolingual) - pedagogical terminology (monolingual) - psychology - an excellent, large visual encyclopaedia (monolingual) with many technical terms - urban planning (monolingual, about 100 terms) - clothing, textile (monolingual) - legal terminology (monolingual) - economic and banking terminology (monolingual, more than 5,000 entries) - business terminology (monolingual) about 15,000 entries) - financial markets (English equivalents free, Russian explanations after a free registration) - financial markets (.pdf files with English equivalents and Russian explanations) - finance (English equivalents, Russian explanations) - logistics (monolingual, about 100 entries) - quality management (English equivalents, Russian explanations, about 500 entries) - managament, in particular HRM (English equivalents, Russian explanations) - oil industry (monolingual) - oil industry (monolingual) - polygraphy (monolingual, about 500 entries) - polygraphy (monolingual) - polygraphy (monolingual) - building industry (monolingual, click on Бетонный словарь) - fishery

    Miscellaneous: - proverbs and idioms

    It would not be bad to use this thread for collecting general Slavic links (I hope Setwale_Charm does not mind :)).

    If you want to contribute, please have a look at this post, the Slavic resources and these guidelines from OL. Please make it as easy as possibile for me and do not be creative with formats. ;)