Slavonic root "des(i)"

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    In old slavic names we sometimes see a root "des" in formations like Desislava (Bulgarian), Desimir(a) (Serbian), Desic (surname, Serbian), etc.

    Now many times we see that archaic roots not in much use nowadays survive in names, like Drago-, Blago-, Chedo-, Hrelj-, Jaro-, Kuli-, Preli-, Premi-, Pribi-, and so on. Is Desi- such a root? Does it have any surviving cognates in other slavic languages?
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    My guess: desnъ (right), like in desan, odesiti, ...

    In Czech we have only Desná (a river), it is in fact a left tributary (like Desna, a tributary of Dnieper).
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    Maybe it is from Old Slavonic десити - to meet, to encounter. So Десислав - the one, meeting or searching the glory; Desic - foundling (Найденов - well known Russian surname).
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    Някакъв именник изрових одеве. Десити действително значело намирам, нахождам, срещам, сварвам, заварвам, откривам, случвам/попадам (на) и т.н., но също така се ползвало в смисъла на постигам, достигам, спечелвам, получавам, осъществявам, извършвам, сдобивам се (с) и пр. Не знам дали е вярно, но поне звучи смислено — постигнал слава или пък постигащ мир.
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    Hvala vam.

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