Sleep, dwell upon thy breast. For I shall not.


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I watched a movie and there is a line I cannot understand. The context is that a husband is mentally torturing his wife because she cheated on him years ago. He often says something mean and ironic to his wife, and one night when his wife is going to sleep, he says:"Sleep, dwell upon thy breast. For I shall not."
What do his words mean?
  • owlman5

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    I'm not sure what that means, Acyang. As I look at the remark, the speaker seems to be poetically addressing an entity called "Sleep", which is possible. But then he says "dwell on thy breast", which seems to tell me that he is talking to the woman.

    If he is talking to the woman as he says this, then I'd expect to hear this version: May sleep dwell upon thy breast, for I shall not. = May you rest peacefully, for I shall never embrace you again. Or something like that...
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