Sleep on it Vs think things through (Any difference)

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hi guys,

I came across these two similar phrases and they are close in meaning so how to differentiate between them?


Don't give me an answer now - sleep on it and we can talk some more later in the week.

Let me think this through and call you in the morning. I will think through this matter and get back to you

I got the examples along with their definitions in Google

thanks in advance,
  • shoddy

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    According to Longman language activator,
    sleep on it means
    "to delay making a decision about a difficult problem until the next day in order to have more time to think about it"
    think through means
    "to think carefully and thoroughly about the results of what you are planing to do".
    So according to the context you should choose the most appropriate one.
    Both mean "to think", but each of them is used in different situations.
    I think there is a difference in these two given contexts, even though they are close.

    "sleep on it" as an instruction to someone else suggests that the person being instructed has perhaps been over-thinking the situation and their mind is too exhausted. They need to relax, let it all go, just sleep, and when they wake up in the morning they might have the answer immediately since they will be so mentally refreshed. That often happens in real life, we wake up suddenly see a solution.

    "I will think it through and call you in the morning" is merely a promise to consider it carefully and make a decision by tomorrow, minus the idea of dropping the thinking at any particular point.
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