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Hello there,

My question is all about the expression "sleep on it".

According to OED & Longman when we use this expression it means that:
Delay making a decision until the following day.
example: although she said she would sleep on it, she was virtually certain to resign.
sleep on it | Definition of sleep on it in English by Oxford Dictionaries
sleep on it | meaning of sleep on it in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE

However, according to some other dictionaries when we use this expression it doesn't mean that we are delaying the decision until the next day. Cambridge says there is no time limitation. wordreference says at least a day.

to wait before making a decision.
Example: Don’t give me an answer now – sleep on it and tell me whenever you’re ready.
SLEEP ON IT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

sleep on, [~ + on + object] to postpone making a decision about (something) for at least a day:
sleep on it - Dictionary of English

What do you think about it? What does it imply?
  • dojibear

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    Literally "sleep on it" means "sleep overnight before deciding".

    I do not think there is any more exact meaning. It does not imply "tomorrow". It does not imply "tomorrow or later".

    The important message is only this: "Don't decide right now. Delay the decision for many hours...even overnight."
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