sleepless vs insomniac

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I think insomniac is more of a formal word. And so sleepless is the informal one, yet I haven't come across "sleepless" being used.
What do you guys say in everyday English? Sleepless or something else?
Honestly, I've only seen sleepless used as in "sleepless night"

Noun1.insomniac - someone who cannot sleep
sleepless person
diseased person, sick person, sufferer - a person suffering from an illness
Adj.1.insomniac - experiencing or accompanied by sleeplessness; "insomniac old people"; "insomniac nights"; "lay sleepless all night"; "twenty watchful, weary, tedious nights"- Shakespeare
sleepless, watchful

Sleepless person:
Noun1.sleepless person - someone who cannot sleep
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    I suspect it's more common to find "sleepless" used with "nights" than anything else. Something along the lines of "The weather was very hot and sticky, and I had a sleepless night" works for me in BE. I have seen "sleeplessness" listed along with other things as a possible side-effect of certain medicines.

    I would say "insomniac" generally implies suffering from sleepless nights on a regular basis or over a period of time.
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