slept under it while she was repairing it

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The following sentence is cited from a textbook for English learners:
Then she took a one-way ticket to France, bought a tiny seven metre Classe Mini yacht, slept under it while she was repairing it, and then she raced it 4,000 kilometres across the Atlantic in 1997, alone for 33 days.

How to comprehend "slept under it while she was repairing it"? While you are repairing something, you must be awake instead of asleep.
  • dreamlike

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    I suppose the repairs took at least several days. During that time, she must have had somewhere to sleep. "Slept under it" = "Slept in the yacht".


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    What's unreasonable about the explanation given? She spent a period of days or weeks repairing the boat. During that period she slept underneath the boat. That's what the words mean. I do, however, suggest that dreamlike is wrong: "slept under it" does not mean "slept in the yacht". It means exactly what it says.
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