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Hola a todos!
Quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar con el término "slick water" en el siguiente contexto: el texto habla de las fracturas en pozos de gas y afirma que las "slick water fracs" son mejores que las "gel based fracs". A qué se refiere con slick específicamente?

"Slick-water fracs have become de rigueur for the burgeoning shale gas sector because, unlike gel-based fracs -- which use polymers to thicken the fluid so it will carry proppants into the formation -- slick-water fracs are cheaper..."

Muchas gracias!!
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    Esta explicación te puede ayudar a encontrar el término técnico correcto:

    Gel-based fracing is one of the oldest approaches. It is most effective in moderately permeable formations. Gel fracs combine water with a polymer to thicken the fluid so that it can carry a significant amount of proppants into the formation. Because gel fracs require a large amount of expensive proppants, they were not economically viable for smaller reservoirs. Eventually, a new approach was developed that achieved better results while reducing costs - slick-water fracing. Slick-water fracs combine water with a friction-reducing chemical additive which allows the water to be pumped faster into the formation.

    Podría ser algo como fluido de fractura de baja fricción pero creo que debes investigarlo para asegurarte.

    Just my 2 centavos.
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