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For example, I am on the bus. The bus sliding window is open largely and there is quite a strong wind. I would like to ask the one sitting at the window to have it smaller, but not to close it. (Just making the gap smaller, so there is less strong wind) I don't know how to express this act. This may also happen when I want to have someone open the door a bit larger .

"Would you mind having the window opened smaller? "
"Would you mind having the door opened larger? "

Thank you.
  • xuliang

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    Could you close the window a little, please?
    Could you open the window a little more, please?
    Copyright, thank you.

    What if I want to make a description for the situation. I would like to know whether the below part in bold is proper to describe the status. Thank you.
    The window is opening much . I think I need to close it a little.
    The window is not opening much. I think I need to open it a little more.
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