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I've looked up each word but I'm not sure how to fit them together

Una prospettiva leggermente diversa ?

The immediate context is about two photographs taken from a slightly different camera angle, but my next comment is about a difference of opinion, so I would like to know if "prospettiva" is used for both the visual perspective (camera angle) and also for a position in an argument.

Thank you!
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    These are two definitions for prospettiva from Oxford Paravia:

    2. (vista panoramica) view
    3. (ottica) perspective, angle; vedere qcs. sotto un’altra ~ to see sth. from a different perspective

    Also from Free Dictionary
    3 ottica, punto di vista ad es. giudicare da una prospettiva morale

    So, yes, perspective meaning "angle/standpoint".


    Yes off course! Prospettiva relates to what is visual and it is also a point of view (an opinion). For example: la mia prospettiva (my opinion, the way I think) è diversa dalla tua (is different from your point of view).
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