slightly / somewhat / to some extent / to an extent

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Hi there
I was wondering if somebody could tell me which one of the listed self-made sentences sound natural to Americans' ears.
Let's suppose two people after a long debate come to some disagreements and one of them says to the second one:


- I guess we differ in opinion slightly.
- I guess we differ in opinion to some extent.
- I guess we differ in opinion to an extent.
- I guess we somewhat differ in opinion.



- Our opinions differ slightly.
- Our opinions differ to some extent.
- Our opinions differ to an extent.
- Our opinions somewhat differ.

For me in both groups of the sentences, all the sentences work excepting the last one.
  • apricots

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    Grammatically they're all fine except the last one but they all sound a bit odd. Personally, I would say "+-I guess we just have different opinions."

    Some idioms you could also use are: we don't see eye to eye, let's agree to disagree, we're not on the same page (on this matter, topic, etc)
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