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Only in South Carolina, the unmatched mud pit of Republican politics, can unproven accusations of extramarital affairs made by two different men boost(beef up) a woman's standing in the polls. But that's how it has gone for Nikki Haley, who rode voter anger to a commanding victory over three more-established rivals in the slime-stained gubernatorial primary on June 8.

Hi folks:

Bold part, why slime-stained? not stained. I mean what the relation between reputation and slime( Is it the unpleasant saliva substance?) Why not just stained?

By the way, It reminds me another word, tainted

What the difference between tainted and stained , and this slime-stained if the word make sense under the context anyway.

Thanks enormous.
  • leivev

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    美之大成, 汉语
    Tainted and stained are not synonymous.

    Thank you NZfauna,

    so basically the two words when refer to the reputation and figurative things could be mix used, Is that correct? I mean, Tainted figure and Stained figure, no disparity, right?

    And stain is point to color things and taint seems more abstractive?



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    I agree with nzfauna. The implication is that the accusations reflect an unhealthy interest in the candidate's sex life.

    On the other hand, stained and tainted seem fairly synonymous to me when talking about reputations - they both mean to contaminate or damage. There are also the wonderful words smirch and besmirch.


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    美之大成, 汉语
    smirch and besmirch.

    Thank you for the words, liliput.

    Just one thing, it sorts of obscure to me, the slimey thing, I did not really catch up with the lecherous meaning there, how comes the word slimey got anythings with sex?

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