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    I work as a corporate translator in the poultry industry and I am translating corporate safety procedure documents for our processing plants I have hit a wall with a term for a strange device, which is called a "Slip Blind" and it goes between two pipe flanges(a flange is an external or internal rim, for strength or attachment to another object) to stop the flow of the process in line or to prevent product from seeping through. And it has a flat round still plate with a handle on it, kind of looking like a pancake. Can someone help me with a possible translation for "Slip Blind" in Spanish?
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    compuerta deslizante?
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    Hi gato4gordo, it looks like to me that it is a "Valvula de compuerta" or a "Valvula tipo cuchilla"... you can write that two types of valves in images mode in google"... and see if it works for you.

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    gato4gordo, what you're describing is AKA a blind/blank flange (complete with a "frying pan handle"). It is "slipped" into place, the very narrow space between two pipe flanges.

    The responses so far suggest valves, but a valve has moving parts, and provides variable opening during operation. This piece of equipment has no moving parts, it is bolted in place (while there is no flow through the pipe, i.e. it is shut down) by mechanics and after installation, completely blocks the flow. So it's not the same as a valve.

    After all that, I'm not sure of the best translation, but I'll try brida ciega and see if that generates any more responses from our Spanish speakers.
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    otra propuesta:
    Tapa ciega deslizante

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