1. Eiti New Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    Esta es una frase que encontré en un pin de pop art.
    Necesitaría ayuda con la traducción...
    Se me ocurre algo como: pásamelo disimuladamente
    Bah... la verdad me tiene bastante confundida el encontrar un significado
  2. ovejanegra

    ovejanegra Senior Member

    English, USA
    Welcome to WR, Eiti. :)

    You're right about the translation of "slip it to me". To slip something to someone means to give him or her something in a smooth, quiet way.

    "I sometimes wonder," Hamilton muses, "if a sudden epiphany hit Marcel Duchamp when he picked up a bicycle wheel and put it through a hole in the top of a kitchen stool in 1913. I experienced such a moment of understanding when I encountered a large button in a seedy gift shop in Pacific Ocean Park, Venice, California, with the words SLIP IT TO ME blatantly displayed across it. The greatly enlarged version which I characterised as a work of art was entitled Epiphany."

    "...they sidle down the aisle and slip it to me like they're passing me something illegal."

    "Students slip drug into teacher's drink" (headline)

    "Meredith signed and slipped her card back into her purse."

    Reilly said 'absolutely not' when asked whether Malone ever slipped him a $5000 bribe..."
  3. Eiti New Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    Muchas gracias OvejaNegra!
    Realmente me diste una idea muyyyyyy clara sobre el significado exacto que yo quería encontrar.
    Gracias de nuevo...

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