Slovak: arogantne, neprijateľne [recovered post]

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    Since I somehow can`t find this answer in the copy of the lost posts, :( I restored it from my Word to help at least one person. So here is my answer on monalisa!`s today question:
    Hola monalisa,

    I was just translating your sentence so I provided you with more translations. :)
    "to have an attitude" = to be obnoxious, arrogant, stuck up; to act disrespectfully. If a player behave "neprijateľne," they may fight etc. If a player behave "arogantne," they act like they are superior to other players (cuss at them, etc.).
    But yes, players often act in an aggressive way, so you may translate it to "agresívne," but I`d go for "nedisciplinovane / neprijateľne / neprijateľným spôsobom."
    Probably "prípravný / priateľský zápas."
    And no....I`m not a fan of Slovan. ;)
  2. monalisa! Banned

    I suppose a player is nedisciplinovane if he argues with the coach, but I assumed it was rough with his teammates, so I transalted rough by agresivny. As to the the practice match, as you surely know, it is not played with another team (the team splits up), so I thought, it can't be priatelsky, there must be a term for it.
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    Not exactly.

    As I typed above, nothing will go wrong if you use "agresívny," but stylistically, I prefer "bol nedisciplinovaný / správal sa nedisciplinovane" and also its usage is not limited as that of "agresívny."
    As you surely know, a "practice / exhibition / preparation / friendly game (match)" refers to a game whose outcome is not recorded in the season's standing (i.e. the game can be held between separate teams or between parts of the same team). :)
    Back then, when I played football, we often splitted up and competed against each other – we called it, if memory serves, a "priateľský zápas / zápas proti sebe." But I agree it may also refer to a match with another team, so you can use "modelovaný (tréningový*) zápas."

    * that`s what you are suggesting above. ;)
  4. monalisa! Banned

    Thanks, morior, thanks for the modelovaný zápas [medzi sebou], it is quite new to me (sculptured?)!

    as far as I know: practice, preparation (training) is all kind of activities before a match (friendly or not)
    it includes : warm-up, sprinting (or other) exercises, tactics, and is usually concluded by a practice game on a reduced pitch, (zàpas proti sebe)
    if on regular pitch it's a full-practice game, and may be played with a sparring partner.
    I think all other terms are ambiguous, and some wrong.
    In my example I have no clue as to what happened where, when or how, so I chose the wider terms tréning and agresìvny, but nedisciplinovany is still wider
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    Feel free to use whatever you like. I just gave you my piece of mind. ;)

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