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  1. monalisa! Banned

    Hi, I read that you play with only 8 pieces, is that true?

    A piece is a kameň, I suppose, and is a king a kráľ or a dáma?
    if so, I suppose you do not crown a piece, and what is the huffing rule in Slovak?
  2. morior_invictus

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    It took me a while to realize that you are asking about the checkers. :rolleyes: So, it depends on the type of the checkers we play. In the classic one (klasická dáma), yes, we play with only 8 pieces (it is the most played checkers variant in Slovakia). As to the checkers terminology used in Slovak:
    the checkers = dáma
    a piece = figúrka (kámen is used in Czech as far as I know)
    a king = dáma
    a man = pešiak
    to king / crown a piece = korunovať pešiaka (za dámu) (I don`t use this - just "zmeniť pešiaka na dámu")
    the huffing rule = ...pravidlo vyhodenia súperovej figúrky v prípade ak nevyužije možnosť vyhodiť našu :confused: (I don`t know if we have a strict translation of this rule and I think, nowadays, it is rarely used since we just point out the opponent`s error.)
  3. monalisa! Banned

    Thanks morior, that Lingea is really unreliable, "kameň" is translated draughtsman, and pešiak= pawn!!!
    As to "vyhodenia" for capture, in English, and in other countries, they say "to huff/ to blow", as , when you capture a piece in this way you blow on the captured piece.
    Have you ever heard of that? can you say something similar in Slovak (vyfukat figuurku), instead of vziať/vydodiť, which is the general word?
  4. morior_invictus

    morior_invictus Senior Member

    Yes, "draftsman" refers to a different thing that has nothing to do with the checkers, but...:
    a pawn = pešiak (the chess) :tick:
    a man = pešiak (the checkers):tick:
    We use the same word for the pawn as well as the man, probably because we often use the pawn pieces instead of the men to play the checkers.
    I don`t know any word used in the checkers that would be similar to "huff" that you described. It`s just "vziať / vyhodiť figúrku". You may "pofúkať súperovu figúrku" if you see a dust on it and you want to remove it with a current of air from your mouth. :)
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  5. monalisa! Banned

    Thanks a lot, morior, ;)

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