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    It used to be translated " do rúk Pàna.." on envelopes,
    but now with e-mails sounds rather odd.
    What do you usually write on the e-mail subject ? : "pre Pàna ..."?

    is "do pozornosti Pana..." acceptable?, does it sound better than " do rùk Pàna.."?
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    Hi monalisa,
  3. monalisa! Banned

    Do vlastných rúk pàna Moriora

    Vec: preklad do slovenčiny

    Važený p. Morior,
    if you are writing to a firm and the employee has not an individual address, do you write like that?
    (Usually the caption is written with (before) the subject, so that you do not have to open the file to know to whom it is addressed, an pass it on.
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    Envelope - example

    Ing. Morior Invictus
    U okúzľujúcej Španielky 45/A
    841 05 Bratislava 4

    ------------------------------------------>DO VLASTNÝCH RÚK
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>DA VINCI S. L.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>(Attn: )MSc. Mona Lisa
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>Paseo De La Curiosidad
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>28049 Madrid

    E-mail - example

    Para: monalisa
    Asunto: Pokus o nasmerovanie dámy na správnu cestu obchodnej korešpondencie

    (e-mail itself: :))

    Ing. Morior Invictus, U okúzľujúcej Španielky 45/A, 841 05 Bratislava 4, SLOVAKIA

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Prioritne Doporučene

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->DA VINCI S. L.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->MSc. Mona Lisa
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->odd. prekladateľstva
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Paseo De La Curiosidad
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->28049 Madrid, SPAIN

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->2. 3. 2013

    Pokus o nasmerovanie dámy na správnu cestu obchodnej korešpondencie

    Vážená pani Mona Lisa,

    I am writing you to express my feelings about the style of writing a business correspondence. I think the first person to read the electronic correspondence usually has to view it firstly and then may click on "reenviar" to direct it to a specific person. So the e-mail doesn`t meet the criterion of "attention" used on an envelope. Then, it`s unnecessary to type the name of a specific person into a subject line when one can read it in the correspondence itself and then direct it to a proper person. Moreover, "attention" is used when the correspondence is very important and shouldn`t be read by any person but the one concerned. If I don`t know an e-mail address of the addressee and I want to send them a very important mail, I will ask that organization for their e-mail address or will send a postal mail using "attention / do vlastných rúk." ¿Me comprende? ;)

    Za pochopenie ďakujem a ostávam s pozdravom

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->Ing. Morior Invictus
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->osoba píšuca predmet e-mailu
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->bez špecifikácie príjemcu

    2 prílohy (recommended literature :))
    STN 01 6910 Pravidlá písania a úpravy písomností
    STN 88 6101 Predtlač listových papierov na úradné a obchodné listy
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  5. monalisa! Banned

    Thanks, p. Morior:)

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