Slovak: Mastný a tučný


Mastné jedlo and tučné mäso seem to be correct. They are in my book exactly in these forms, moreover also my dictionary contain them.

What about tučné jedlo and mastné mäso? Based on searching internet both seem to be correct, too. But the number of hits were not high enough for me to conclude it without a short confirmation from a native Slovak gentle(wo)man.
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    All four of them are possible, in my book, but mean slightly different things to me:

    mastné mäso/jedlo = greasy meat/food (I would be more inclined to use "mastné mäso/jedlo" to describe meat/food with visible grease/oil/fat on its surface or meat/food that feels greasy to the touch; also, to me, "mastný" has a slightly negative connotation)
    tučné mäso/jedlo = fatty meat/food (I would be inclined to use "tučné" to describe the content/composition of the meat/food)
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    Sounds reasonable, and it will be easy to remember: look vs content.

    It also helped me to separate mast' and tuk.

    And sorry for not giving 'thank you' reactions earlier, in the other threads, but it seems that on ipad/iphone this function does not work. Now I am typing on a PC, and the icons are available. Side-effect, no Slovak characters.....