Slovak: order of words in a question


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I remember I already asked once about word orders as regards Slovak, but it was not a structured question.

This time let’s consider the sentence: ‘Čášník teraz nesie kávu tomu pánovi’.

And the question is: ’Komu nesie …?’.

Could the other 3 words be put at any place after ‘nesie’?

Fyki let me add that I consider that in this example these 3 elements of the sentence are not stressed, neither who, nor when, nor what is more important than the other two elements.
  • Marek_D

    You're right in saying that there is a lot more flexibility there regarding the word order after the word "nesie" (in the question "Komu nesie čašník teraz kávu?") - especially in spoken language (e.g. if you're sitting in a restaurant with a friend and ask that question).

    However, if you asked me which version probably sounds best/most natural, I'd probably go with:
    Komu teraz nesie čašník kávu? :tick:or
    Komu nesie čašník teraz kávu? :tick:
    Komu nesie teraz čašník kávu? :tick:

    Version "Komu nesie kávu čašník teraz?" , for instance, is certainly possible in spoken language, but it isn't a version that I would personally use if I was writing a formal essay or if I was writing a book etc. It sounds a little bit clumsy in my head (might just be me though).


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    There are some languages where the last position of interrogative sentences means a place “bearing” secondary stress. Maybe Slovak is the same kind of and you feel that kávu has to have some extra stress even if it is not a strong one.

    But it is just my pure speculation.