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    Is this term still in use or is it reffered only to foreign Air Forcesšné_sily_Slovenskej_republiky
    I cannot get to the official link (at the bottom)
    here, in Czech, the term "letka" is used also for a group o 24 planes, and I suppose that would be a peruť
    It seems that letka is rather a general term like "formation"
    is used (more properly ?) for "squadron"
    which is often translated with "eskadra"
    . Nálada príslušníkov 242 . eskadry kráľovského vojenského letectva , známej ako kanadská eskadra , The mood of the men of No . 242Squadron , Royal Air Force , known simply as the Canadian squadron ,
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  2. francisgranada Senior Member

    At the military airports in Czechoslovakia the term letka was used (both in Slovak and Czech). According to online dictionaries peruť is "wing" or "ala, corpo aviatori" in Italian. I've no idea if this is the same as letka... (I've never used this word in my life).
  3. monalisa! Banned

    wing (US)= group(UK) = kridlo (2+ groups US/ wings UK), according to the Slovak wiki-link above

    perut (KSSJ: 2-4 letky)= group(US) (2+ squadrons = 18-24 airplanes)
    letka (2-3 roja) = squadron (8-12)
    roj (KSSj: 3 lietadla) = flight (4)
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  4. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    During the WWII the following RAF fighter squadrons formed the Czechoslovak Fighter Wing:

    310. československá stíhací peruť RAF (anglicky: № 310 Fighter Squadron)
    312. československá stíhací peruť RAF (anglicky: № 312 Fighter Squadron)
    313. československá stíhací peruť RAF (anglicky: № 313 Fighter Squadron)

    křídlo (3 perutě) - wing
    peruť (3 letky) - squadron
    letka (2 roje) - flight
    roj (3, later 2 ledadla) - section

    N.B. Valid for the RAF during WWII.
  5. monalisa! Banned

    Thanks, bibax, any idea about the current terminology in Slovak or Czech? Of course your Air Force is too small to have groups or even squadrons now!

    Can you confirm that eskadra is not an Air Force term?
    The English has : (wing, group US/ group wing UK) , squadron, flight
  6. Hrdlodus

    Hrdlodus Senior Member


    peruť and letka are common terms (but donť know numbers of air-planes)
    eskadra not, but man knows, that it is something with an army.

    I searched in sites (army CZ) and (airport of army CZ)
    - peruť and letka are used
    - eskadra is not used (0 results)
    - squadron is in few results used. I don't know, how it is about, but I citate: "Eurofighter Typhoon britského letectva 11. letky (squadron)." - It seems like letka = squadron.
  7. monalisa! Banned

    Yes, I think letka= squadron
    and roj (3) = flight (4+)
    when a flight has more then 7 planes, is then split into sections that are each equivalent to a roj (section-4 of a flight-8)
    flight = 1 or 2 roj
  8. Azori

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    I don't know if it helps but the Lingea online dictionary has the following translations:

    letka - (voj.) (letecká jednotka) flight
    peruť - (voj.) (letecká) wing, (za 2. sv. vojny v RAF) squadron
    eskadra - (voj.) squadron
    roj - (voj.) roj lietadiel (základná taktická jednotka) section
    brigáda - (voj.) (útvar) brigade

    section - (voj., let.) roj (zoskupenie 2 a viac lietadiel)
    flight - letka (vojenská aj vtáčia)
    squadron - (voj.) eskadra, (let.) peruť (v RAF 10-18 lietadiel), letka

    the website of the Slovak Air Force -
  9. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    I can confirm that the term "peruť" is not used nowadays, there is only "letka" which is commonly translated as "squadron" in English. We have only one "supersonic" squadron:

    211. taktická letka (12× JAS-39C Gripen, 2× JAS-39D Gripen) = 211th tactical squadron;

    Too few aircrafts to use many terms. For comparison: during the WWII the USA produced nearly 300,000 military aircrafts (average loss was 170 A/C per day during the war).

    The term "eskadra" is used sometimes by journalists, or in movies (Ohnivá eskadra, Zpívající eskadra, Eskadra Netopýr = Geschwader Fledermaus).

    I think it is similar in Slovak (they have 1. letka - 10× MiG-29AS, 2× MiG-29UBS).

    And Luftwaffe during the WWII:

    Geschwader - eskadra, skádala se z několika skupin (Gruppe)
    Gruppe - skupina, o něco silnější ekvivalent čs. perutě, skládala se z několika letek (Staffel)
    Staffel - letka
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  10. monalisa! Banned

    Thank you all:)

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