Slovak: prevodovka

Dear everybody, I'm translating an invoice from slovak into italian, it's about a truck which had to have its "prevodovka" repaired. There are words which I don't even find on the dictionary. Could someone help? Unfortunatly there's no context, being an invoice there's just a list of things which had to be repaired.


Thank you very much, it would be great if someone of you could give me the translation in English
Bye, Laura
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    I´ll try to provide you with some help, being a Czech gal, though.

    The expressions follow in order: Slovak, Czech, English
    G for a guess or rather not being 100% sure.

    Note: some expressions are not in the first case, some suggest that there should some word follow after them (would be helpful to know them if possible)

    Priačok - příček - bars? (příčka = something that splits some room, what devides something - like an extra cardboard wall in a room) - not sure where to find it in a gear box or a car

    Zotrvačník = setrvačník = fly-wheel (G for the English)

    Kluky = kliky = handles on doors, in car also a crank (kliková hřídel)

    Gufer = kufr = a boot sector

    Skrutka = šroub = a bolt

    matica = matka, matice = a nut

    viazacie = adj. vázací = an adjective suggesting that its object is used for binding or tying up something

    polatok - no idea, sorry

    Waiting for Slovaks to supplement and perfect!!!:))


    matica =
    Thank you very much,
    yes some words come together to others, the problem is that it is a fax and I cannot read many words...
    držiaka sacieho? filtra
    priačok ramu?
    vyměna guferu kluky
    And...what about:
    připrava vozidla na otah
    Thank you, you were surely already very very useful