Slovak (?): Pronunciation of the name Kvergić


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I am wondering how to pronounce the name Kvergić. Hermann Feodor Kvergić was a linguist born in Bratislava who lived in Vienna in the 1930s. In Turkish his name is rendered as Kvergiç. That gives me an indication of the pronunciation of the last letter.
No idea about the rest.

Your help is highly appreciated.

  • Hi Frank,

    If the name was Kvergić, it would be simply Kvergič.
    Hi Vianie,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I couldn't find ć in descriptions of modern Slovak, only č, so your spelling made me more curious.
    With a bit of luck I found his father's first name: György. And that looks rather Hungarian to me. Not too big a surprise to find Hungarians in Bratislava in the late 1890s, I guess. And Hungarian used to have ć.
    Out of curiosity I am going to take the question to the Hungarian forum.

    Nevertheless, I need the pronunciation for a podcast episode this evening. I am going to stick to your suggestion, which makes an awful lot of sense given the Turkish way of writing his name.

    Thanks again!

    And Hungarian used to have ć.

    Maybe, but definitely not in late 19th century. My bet is that if it really existed then it can be found only in the very early codexes etc., so maybe until the 14th or 15th centuries.

    Now I am checking the Hungarian forum, too, because as a native Hungarian I am also curious what the more educated fellow users have been sharing about it.
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    Anyway he was a Serbian and ć comes from this background, “KVERGIĆ, Hermann Feodor (Kvergic). Bratislava 24.6.1895 — 1948/49. Austrian Iranian and Turkic scholar. A Serbian from Bratislava, son of György Kvergič and Hermina Doseri.”

    And interestingly his father’s surname ends with č and not ć.