Slovak: rad alebo riadok


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I hope this time I will be closer to their distinctive definition.

Rad mainly means line, order. And there are other meanings like “a bunch of something.”

Riadok is used for a line in a book, newspaper, or a digital line like in case of TV or computer/phone displays.

Is it OK?

My only problem is that in my dictionary there are some examples, literally rad stromov, rad obilia, and riadok viniča.

So could one say riadok obilia? Or riadok stromov, too?

Maybe just the example of riadok viniča is incorrect, but I dont feel why a line of vine-stocks is different from a line of trees.
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    Riadok is often used for vegetables sown in rows (riadok mrkvy, riadok šalátu), and definitely also for vinič (vine).
    For trees, it's always rad. Don't ask me why :)
    I'm not sure about obilie. Perhaps riadok obilia would work too. I'm not very versed in agriculture 😌