Slovak: s chybami rátam, som zlý súper


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There is one difficult line in Darina's song.

Možno s chybami rátam
Som zlý súper
(Darina Rolincova, Čo o mne vieš?)

It was translated as
1) Maybe I’m taking a calculated risk, I'm super bad
2) Maybe I accept mistakes, I'm bad opponent

Which variant is correct?
  • morior_invictus

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    Here's my two cents' worth:

    Možno s chybami rátam = Maybe (that's because) I expect to have flaws (~ Maybe I don't consider myself perfect / Maybe I expect to make mistakes(?))("chyba" in Slovak can mean "personality flaw" or "mistake," among other things, but since in the previous lines she seems to be singing about what seem to be her flaws/imperfections, I'm leaning toward the "flaw" interpretation but it may be flawed, of course)

    Som zlý súper = I'm a tough opponent

    Overall, I think she is trying to tell the boy who appears to be infatuated with her that she is not perfect and that she can be "difficult" at times so he should consider that and also that he may think he knows her but he's wrong, as she's trying to prove to him by throwing at him all those random pieces of information about her (hey, I like to do this and you may find it weird/childish/annoying…, and I'm often like this, etc.).