Slovak: 'To je...' OR 'Je to...'


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I am curious to know how to say 'It is...' in Slovak. From an English to Slovak translation it looks like 'To je...' makes sense but quite a few texts start with 'je to...'. Egs. Je to pekná žena a malé dieťa. Je to šteňa. Would they be interchangeable?
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    Hi lafz puchnevala, word order in Slovak is freer than in English. "To je ..." and "Je to ..." are both possible in context. "To je" is the standard "first-mention" way of saying "This is XYZ ..". When XYZ is already "known" - for example she ("Je to pekná žena") has already been referred to, or we've seen a picture, then "je to ..." is more likely. Why? Because the emphasis or "new information" in that utterance is not on identifying the subject/person (here "this"), but on what the subject/person is (here "good-looking").
    ... quite a few texts start with 'je to...'.
    Hmm, not sure about that. If a sentence starts with "Je to" (and it's not a question), I'd expect the person or thing to have already been referred to.
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