Slovak: To ma podrž!

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  1. monalisa! Banned

    I know this is expresses surprise, but can someone explain its literal meaning?
    It is something like 'hold me, else I fall down", or what?

    Thank you
  2. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    Yes, I think you understand it correctly.
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  3. monalisa! Banned

    thanks a lot, Azori
  4. slovac Senior Member

    I would prefer this one: ....I am going to faint
    You can see in film if a character is very suprised, they will faint. Fainting causes falling down only if you are standing.
    You can also say: To ma podrž while sitting.
    - it is my opinion

    Podrž ma - you used when there is probability that you will fall down - for example you are walking on slippy surface
    - hold me/give me your hand because I might fall down - you expressed this situation
    Only rarely we use podrž ma while sitting.
    You can used it if you expect someone(for example your wife/husband) to support you while having conflict with for example your mother-in-law.
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