Slovak: v nadväznosti na proces


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One of the criteria from a training checklist:

Bol oboznámený s požiadavkami kvality v nadväznosti na proces.

- Has been familiarized with the quality requirements [??]"

I'm not sure what "proces" refers to here – possibly the industrial process of the plant that these instructions pertain to.

Partly because of this uncertainty, I'm also unsure how to render "v nadväznosti na" in this case.

How would you suggest translating "v nadväznosti na proces"?

  • morior_invictus

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    v nadväznosti na X is usually used to express either a causal or relational connection with X

    In your case, it seems that the latter is the case and thus "v nadväznosti na proces" would mean something like "with respect to the process" or "pertaining to the process." What the process in question refers to should be explained by the surrounding context - it will likely be a specific process (e.g. a manufacturing process).