Slovene: beneficirati (beneficirana doba)


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Dober dan,

What does beneficirati mean?

I encountered a form of this verb in the following context:

Dokupljena, beneficirana in posebne zavarovalne dobe ne štejejo kot dobe pri uveljavljanju dodatka na skupno delovno dobo.

SSKJ offers the following definition:

šteti, upoštevati več, kot dejansko je: beneficirati delovno, zavarovalno dobo

Sadly, this doesn't help me much, because "šteti" and "upoštevati" have a wide range of potential translations, and I don't understand how to properly apply them to the given example.

Could someone re-state the example phrase ("beneficirati delovno, zavarovalno dobo") using Slovene words I'm more likely to recognize (or simply explain the phrase in English :))?

  • Panceltic

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    I don’t know how it’s called in English, but for some jobs which are physically very demanding (like mining) the length of your employment was counted as more than it actually was. For example if you worked 12 months as a miner, for pension purposes it counted as 18. I think this system has been replaced by something different now.