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An authorization document reads as follows:

Spodaj podpisano podjetje [...] pooblašča

[Name, address and VAT ID of organization]

Da pri Finančni upravi Republike Slovenije, Davčni urad Brežice predloži davčne napovedi prometa v splošnem postopku obdavčitve [...]

My sense is that the organization named here is both the object of "pooblašča", and the subject of the verbs in the clause after "da ...".

However, if that's the case, then why is "Davčni urad" in the nominative?

Is it part of a long title "Finančna uprava Republike Slovenije, Davčni urad Brežice", where it remains nominative regardless of what case the "Finančna uprava" part is in?

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    You are right, the name of the institution is "Finančna uprava Republike Slovenije, Davčni urad Brežice", the part after the comma is like a branch of the FURS and is not subject to declension in this case.

    There is also a typo in the document, it should be "pri Finančni upravi ..."

    Legalese texts are often hard to wrap your mind around with long and convoluted sentences (but I'm sure this is the case in all the languages :)).