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    [NB -- this question is about the Slovene word dopisnica: I forgot to specify the language in the title.]


    I've noticed that, when there is a public contest (for a prize) and people have the option of mailing in their entry to the contest, you will sometimes see the message, Dopisnico pošljite na naslov [...] "Send a [postcard?] to the address [...]”, followed by the address where the entry should be mailed.

    dopisnica is translated “postcard” by the dictionary, but it seems a bit strange to me to require people to send in a contest entry in postcard form (maybe this is more common than I realize). Could it be that dopisnica has a more general meaning in this context?

    Also, I've already learned another word for “postcard”, razglednica: is it normally synonymous with dopisnica?

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    Razglednica is a picture postcard -- what most people imagine when hearing the term postcard nowadays --, whereas dopisnica, which is made of the same paper/cardboard, may lack a picture and can be used in lieu of a more formal letter. It is still somewhat common in Slovenia. According to Pošta Slovenije, razgledica is classified as a type of dopisnica.

    This used to be common in the UK as well, hence the British expression "Answers on a postcard (please)."
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    Ah, that makes sense. I guess I just haven't entered enough contests to be familiar with this practice. :)

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