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I can't manage to get a grip on the highlighted expression below (the sentence is excerpted from a leasing contract):

Predmet te pogodbe je sestavljena iz prometa blaga, ki se glasi na vrednost opreme, in prometa finančnih storitev v skladu s 4a točko 44. člena ZDDV-1 v povezavi s 5. točko 39. člena PZDDV-1.

The SL-EN dictionaries I've consulted don't provide a definition for "glasiti se na".

Although I've found a couple of parallel SL/EN translations (from EU legal texts) that contain this phrase, they aren't clear enough for me to generalize to the cited example.

"glasiti se na" = ?

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    My idea of "glasiti se na" would be "to refer to", "apply to". The SSKJ gives the following examples:

    rezervacija se glasi na vaše ime = the reservation is in your name
    zavarovalna polica, glaseča se na očetovo ime = an insurance policy in the father's name

    But I'm not quite sure how to make this fit into the passage you quoted (which seems very unclear to me - for one thing,
    in "ki se glasi ...", what exactly does "ki" refer to? promet or blago?...), so hopefully someone who's more familiar with legal language will show up to provide a better explanation.

    Edit: some possibly useful ideas from the Gigafida corpus:

    ena pogodba pa se glasi na 10.000,00 ameriških dolarjev. = one contract is for the amount of US $10,000
    Pri terminskih pogodbah, ki se glasijo na razmerje USD/DEM, = in futures referring to the USD/DEM exchange rate

    My guess would be that your quoted phrase is saying that the vrednost opreme (value of equipment) defines the amount of promet blaga (goods trade/traffic).
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    I agree with eeladvised. This use of ‘glasiti se’ is a bit legalese, not to mention the glaring mistake in the original sentence (should be »predmet te pogodbe je sestavljen ...«)