Slovene: le malo je namreč manjkalo

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    Dober večer,

    I don't quite understand the sentence beginning with "le malo ..." below:

    - If "manjkalo" means that something was lacking, then what is the implied subject (i.e., the thing that's lacking)?

    - pa bi dva obračuna videli že popldne = although two matchups would already be seen in the afternoon?

    Hvala za pomoč
  2. itreius Senior Member

    The first part means that there was little standing in the way [of there being two fights in the afternoon], or in more simple terms it almost got to the point of us seeing two fights already in the afternoon or they almost got in a fight already in the afternoon. The pa means and in this sentence.

    With that in mind, the literal translation below (especially the first part, a concept that doesn't translate into English) should make more sense

    ~There was namely very little missing, and we would have already seen two fights in the afternoon
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  3. Gavril Senior Member

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    So it's saying that two fights almost broke out in the afternoon? That makes perfect sense in the context of the article -- thanks.


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