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    If you search for "cup" in the dictionary, lonček is defined as "cup (of paper, plastic)". However, the dictionary's entry for lonček itself defines it as "small pot".

    On SSKJ, lonček seems to be defined as manjšalnica od lonec ("the diminutive of 'pot'"), and as posodica s pokrovčkom, navadno porcelanasta, za zdravila, lepotilna sredstva ("a small container with a lid, generally made of porcelain, for medical or cosmetic agents").

    SSKJ's definitions (if I understood/translated them correctly) don't quite seem to match up with the meaning "paper/plastic cup" -- do you normally hear lonček used with this meaning? What does lonček most often refer to, in your experience?

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    You shouldn't base your understanding of Slovene on pons dictionary, its definitions can be quite misleading.

    If you check lonec in SSKJ, you'll see that it means a pot for cooking; lonček, as its diminutive, is therefore (primarily) a small pot for cooking - but since it's small, it can also be (and quite often is) used as a cup, you can drink out of it.

    Paper/plastic cups, on the other hand, are neither papirnati/plastični lončki nor papirnate/plastične skodelice (cups), but papirnati/plastični kozarci/kozarčki (glasses).

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