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    In a Slovene Grammar present at this site:, it is written at page 39 that in Slovene exists the form "midva + s/z + instrumental + verb in dual form" in the meaning of "I and another person do something together".

    Midva z Miranom sva šla v Lendavo.

    To be fair I've never heard this form (maybe I haven't noticed it). However I'm almost sure it is never used in my zone. I'll rather say "Jaz in Miran sva ...".
    It is amazing that I was surprised at the Russian form "Мы с братом", not knowing that Slovene has something similiar. :p
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    Actually, I would usualy use: "Z Miranom sva šla v Lendavo.", but I may use form "Midva z Miranom" when I would want to extra emphasise who went there. I don't think I use form "Jaz in Miran" very much.
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    Yes, I wouldn't use "jaz in Miran" either.

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