Slovene: odstranimo morebitne trde delce


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Hello again,

From a text about exposure of the body to hazardous chemicals:

Pri politju veljajo osnovna pravila [...]:
- zapustimo mesto nezgode,

- odstranimo obleko in morebitne trde delce (uporabljamo varovalna sredstva),

- zagotovimo osnovne življenjske funkcije,

I'm having trouble grasping what "trde delce" refers to here.

The sources I've checked suggest that trdi delci means "particulate matter" – but I think of particulates as being very small (often invisible), and not easy to simply "remove" (= odstraniti) in an urgent situation.

How would you interpret "trde delce" above?

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  • Gavril

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    Thanks – so in this case, an accurate translation might be:

    "odstranimo obleko in morebitne trde delce"
    "remove clothes, and with them, any particulates that are present"

    Is this a normal use of "in", to your knowledge, or is there a more precise way of expressing the above meaning?


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    While we're on this topic: what do you think is meant by "varovalna sredstva" in the quoted sentence ("uporabljamo varovalna sredstva")?

    I initially thought it referred to personal protective equipment (masks, etc.), but from what I've been able to tell, the usual term for that is "(osebna) zaščitna oprema".