Slovene: put on/take off (an item of clothing)

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    The verb oblačiti/obleči seems to mean "put on (clothing)" and the verb
    slačiti/sleči "take off (clothing)" in many contexts -- e.g., obleči/sleči plašč "to put on/take off one's jacket" -- but there seem to be many exceptions as well:

    - snemati/sneti klobuk/rokavice/očala "take off one's hat/gloves/glasses"

    - sezuvati/sezuti čevlje
    "take off shoes"

    - obuvati/obuti čevlje/rokavice "put on shoes/gloves"

    - natikati/natakniti rokavice "put on gloves"

    Are there any other common items of clothing that aren't used with
    slačiti/sleči when they are taken off, or oblačiti/obleči when they are put on?

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  2. Irbis Senior Member

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    > obuvati/obuti čevlje/rokavice "put on shoes/gloves"
    "obuti rokavice" is not right, I guess this should be "obuti nogavice" (put on socks).

    It is not so difficult to translate put on/take off, you have three possibilities:
    obleči/sleči: for items of clothing, that are on a body
    obuti/sezuti: for things, that go on your feet (shoes, slippers, boots, socks; but not tights, leggings, pantyhose, those are obleči/sleči)
    nadeti/sneti: for things on your head or hands (but especially in speak we also use "dati gor" instead of nadeti: "daj si gor kapo")

    For "put on parfume" we have verb "nadišaviti", "put on weight" "zrediti se", "put on play" "uprizoriti igro", "put on a pot" "pristaviti lonec".

    My general feeling is that verbs in Slovenian are much more specific than in English.
  3. Gavril Senior Member

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    Ah, sorry, I misread the SSKJ entry on oblačiti: it does indeed say obuvati nogavice, not rokavice.

    What about kravata "tie"? I tried Googling "obleči/nadeti/sleči/sneti + kravato" but didn't find many results for any of these.

    Probably something to do with all the prefixes Slovenian has available (na/za/s/pre/pred/etc.). :)
  4. Irbis Senior Member

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  5. Duya Senior Member

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    Wow. Searchable language corpus dictionary, with intelligent queries, available publicly on the Internet. My deep bow for Slovene linguists for that.

    The few BCS resources worth of use are hidden between paywalls and registration gotchas. For example, Serbian "Vitasov korpus" is one man's enterprise, and you must ask him for permission by e-mail and prove you're a researcher.

    Sorry for off-topic.
  6. Irbis Senior Member

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    This was part of "Sporazumevanje v slovenskem jeziku" project: English:
    It was a big project with European funding and project consortium included all major players in Slovenian language research.
    But the project has ended now and, in light of current economic situation in Slovenia, I guess the further progress in this area will have to wait for some new funding.
  7. itreius Senior Member

    There's HNK (v.3 with more than 320 million words IIRC), but it's well hidden (very very few people know about it) and the interface is atrocious.

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