Slovene: se zadeva organom pregona preda

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    Ne razumem popolnoma nasledjna stavka, ki ga sem označil:

    Moj poskus:

    "UKC Ljubljana has at the same time notified the presiding bodies about suspected criminal acts. Concerning Geršak, the internal auditor has proposed, that a case for(?) the prosecuting body presents itself(?) because of the director's [Geršak's] negligence; concerning Blumauer's actions, the auditor has discovered evidence of criminal acts (abuse of office, fraud)."

    Ali "se zadeva organom pregona preda" pomeni tukaj ~"organi pregona imajo dober razlog za pregon"?

  2. kanojo88

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    'da se zadeva organom pregona preda' means- (she proposed that) the matter be handed over to law enforcement. (as she suspects that yes, as you've said, 'imajo dober razlog za pregon')
  3. Gavril Senior Member

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    Hi Kanojo88,

    What people would be included in "organi pregona"? E.g., does it mostly refer to prosecuting attorneys (javni tožilci?) who work within the courthouse?

  4. kanojo88

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    Yes and to the police also.

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