Slovene: soteska / vintgar

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    How would you distinguish soteska and vintgar from one another?

    It seems as though soteska refers to a broader range of places -- "gorge", "ravine", "canyon" -- than vintgar, but are there any other differences (of size, shape, etc.) between the two?

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    I would say that vintgar is, by definition, quite a bit narrower than soteska.

    SSKJ defines soteska as ožja (rečna) dolina z zelo strmimi [...] pobočji, but vintgar as zelo ozka (rečna) dolina s strmimi pobočji.

    Any fairly narrow river valley can be described as soteska, but the term vintgar is reserved for gorges such as Slovenia's well-known Blejski vintgar / Bled Gorge (photos).

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