Slovene - Učiti se + Genitive or Accusative

Josep Maria Roca Peña

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Hi! İ’ve searched in all the forums of WordReference but İ haven’t found the answer or an explanation of a specific doubt İ have: in Slovene, the verb “Učiti se” (to learn), when is followed by genitive and when is followed by accusative? İ mean, for example, in the sense of “İ started learning Slovene”, which variant is more correct, “Začel sem se učiti slovenščino/slovenski jezik” or “Začel sem se učiti slovenščine/slovenskega jezika”? İ saw both options in texts doing a search in Google, maybe the first sentence has a different meaning than the second one? Thanks in advance!
  • Panceltic

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    both options are correct and commonly used.

    I would say that accusative is more common, but there is nothing wrong with using the genitive option.