Slovene: vp., poE (medical abbreviations)


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From a medical lab report:

U- Levkociti, kvalit. ... [Rezultat:] 1 ... [Enota:] poE
U- Sediment - Sveži Erci ... [Rezultat:] 0-5 / vp.

("erci" seems likely to be short for "eritrociti" here.)

poE = ?

vp. = ?

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    This document suggests that "poE" = "poljubne enote" = "arbitrary units"; and "/ v. p." = "na vidno polje" (they seem to actually look at a sample under the microscope and count the various things they see, or something like that; some googling suggests that English-language documents about the same sort of tests describe this as "per high-power field" or simply "hpf").

    Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, and I don't even play one on TV :)