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Excerpt from a dentist's bill (a list of the dental services performed):

Odstranitev trdih in mehkih zob. oblog l.-po loku (vzdrževalno)

What does the highlighted part mean?

I know that "zobne obloge" is dental plaque, but what about the abbreviation "l." or the phrase "po loku"?

(The phrase "zobni lok" has come up in other contexts, but I'm not sure I understand what it means, and the above "lok" isn't necessarily the same thing.)

Hvala še enkrat,
  • Zobni lok is the dental arch. So you have two, the upper and the lower. "Po loku" means by the arch, so they charge this amount for scaling (ostranitev zobnih oblog = removal of dental plaque) each arch.

    I am not sure what "l." could stand for, sorry.
    Perhaps l. is actualy I., Roman numeral 1, to enumerate different types of dental plaque cleaning?

    I thought about this, but the quoted text is not followed by any "II", "III", etc.:

    Odstranitev trdih in mehkih zob. oblog l.-po loku (vzdrževalno)
    - pregled obzobnih tkiv,
    - čiščenje oblog,
    - poliranje s krtačko oz. peskanje,
    - pogovor o higieni,
    - vabilo na redne kontrole.

    So if "l." is in fact a Roman numeral, it would have to be referring to some pre-existing list that the reader would be expected to recognize.

    Is that normal in your experience?
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