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    Hi everyone,

    can you explain me which is the difference between "bel sladkor" and "beli sladkor"? I think they are both correct, since I find both of them on monolingual resource besana dot amebis dot si/pregibanje/. So which is the difference between these two forms?

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    "beli" is definite form and "bel" is undefinite form. Somehow similar to the/a in English (but in Slovenian there is a difference only for singular masculine nominative and accusative).
    I would use "beli sladkor" because you tell the kind of sugar, not that you are talking about some sugar which happens to be white.
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    "Beli" is the definite form, while "bel" is the indefinite form. A common rule of thumb is that the definite form corresponds to the English definite article ("the"), while the indefinite for corresponds to the indefinite article ("a"). For instance, "beli avto" is more or less equivalent to "the white car," whereas "bel avto" is equivalent to "a white car." However, this rule isn't always reliable and some uses are just more idiomatic; in this case, "beli sladkor" is probably more widely used on product packaging and the like.
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    Useful and clear explanations, thank you!

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