Slovenian : da? de?


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Edinost, sreča, sprava
k nam naj nazaj se vrnejo;
otrók, kar ima Slava,
vsi naj si v róke sežejo,
de oblast
in z njo čast,
ko pred, spet naša boste last!

From the poem "Zdravljica".
In the Wikisource, "de oblast", but in Wikipedia Germany, Croatia, it is "da oblast".
Which is correct?
How should we understand this phrase? Even if "da" or "de", I don't get what it means.
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    "de" was old form of "da" (as conjunction (that)).
    Slovenian changed quite a lot since Prešeren's times and many times they publish updated versions of his poems, where some now archaic words are updated to current spelling (especially in cases like this, where it doesn't effect the rhyme). For example, Prešeren titled his poem "Dekletam" (to the girls), but now it is mostly published under title "Dekletom" (but on the other hand those updated editions can have copyright of the publisher, so if you want to avoid any copyright dispute you publish the original version, which is out of copyright).


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    Thank you for the tip (advice).
    I know that people in the 19th Century had tried arranging their own language to uniform. People in Japan tend to forget it, but even here it had happened in the end of the 19th Century. Until then there were several different versions of our alphabets called Hentai Kana. XD To share the common info among the people effectively, and to cut off the foreign infection (political interruption), it was required in those days. To prepare things urgently, people had tried uniforming even their own native tongue. There's something common between Japan and Slovenia, even though it's quite far. :)